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Recommended OS : iOS 5 or later

Compatibility : iPhone 4 / 4s / 5 / 5c / 5s

Do you love your iPhone’s ringtones? This app is best for who wishes to use the original ringtones with less payment. This ringtone library has more than 760 ringtones. You can create your own ringtones from your iPod Library. You will never pay for other ringtones.

Top 3 Points to Choose RingRingTone

Ringtone Library with More Than 760 Tones

The app has 760+ ringtones in 5 categories; Funny, Bell Alarm, Nature, One phrase, Music. A variety range is wide enough for you to find your best tones.

  • “Funny” head bump on, hit nail, machine gun, balloon burst …
  • “Nature” woodpecker, tornado, thunderstorm, rough sea …
  • “Bell, Alarm” wall clock AM1, time signal, cell phone vibration …
  • “One phrase” sunrise, oasis, achievement, vibraphone – jazz …
  • “Music” Pachelbel – Canon, folk soap opera, pops – sentimental …

Create Your Own Ringtones


You can easily make unlimited custom ringtones using your iPod music library.

  • ◦ start time
  • ◦ duration up to 30 seconds
  • ◦ fade in and out time up to 3 seconds
  • all with 1 second accuracy

Mosquito Sounds

Only the young can hear the sounds! How young are your ears?

  • ◦ for 18-year-old ears
  • ◦ for 25-year-old ears
  • ◦ for 30-year-old ears
  • ◦ for 40-year-old ears

The mosquito sounds are the high-pitch noise. Please take care enough using the mosquito sound in public, because some people are annoyed with the mosquito sound regardless whether you hear it or not. In no event shall we be liable for any damage which is caused from or in connection with the use of this app.
The hearing range by the age is only a guide and not verified academically. Some of your devices may not play high-frequency sounds.

Mosquito Sound

You need to sync your iPhone with iTunes to get the ringtones into the Settings section of your iPhone.

Download iTunes

* iOS 4 supports only for ringtones. You need to upgrade to iOS 5 or more to customize other tones.

* You cannot use some of DRM files due to the copy protection technology. Some of tunes you buy from iTunes are DRM files.

How to Use

Instruction Movies
1. Choose Ringtones 2. Take in the tunes by iTunes 3. Setting in iPhone
1. Choose Ringtones 2. Take in the tunes by iTunes 3. Setting in iPhone