Recommended OS : iOS 5 or later

Compatibility : iPhone 3GS / 4 / 4S / 5

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1. Is it possible to set the ringtones on iPhone without PC?

No. iPhone does not support to add ringtones directly, yet. You must connect and sync your iPhone and your computer. When Apple supports this feature in the future, it will soon be added to RingRingTone.
You will find the instruction movies on Help page. Please follow the instructions.

2. I do not hear a tone when I tap.

When you tap a tone for the first time, the app gets the tone from the server. Please make sure that iPhone can connect to the network.
It will sometimes not work where the connection is weak. Try it later at the area with the strong wave. Do not forget to find the iPhone is not set to Mute or Silent mode.

3. I cannot find the “Tones” on the LIBRARY pane on iTunes.

Please check the "Tones" box at the General Preferences.

4. Where do I find the added ringtones on my iPhone?

Tap “Settings” and then“Sounds”, and choose the function for which you want to set your own ringtone. You will find the added ringtones at the top section of “Ringtones”. “Ringtones” is the next section to “Alert Tones”.

5. I sync iPhone with iTunes. Still, I do not find the ringtones on my iPhone.

Please check “Sync Tones” on iTunes and sync them again.
You will find “Sync Tones” checkbox on the Tones button on iTunes.

6. Why cannot I select some of the tunes for Trim?

You cannot use some of DRM files due to the copy protection technology. Some of tunes you buy from iTunes are DRM files. Please try other tunes.

7. What is “Mosquito Sound”?

It is high-pitch noise. It gets harder to hear high-frequency sounds as people get older. Please take care enough using the mosquito sound in public, because some people are annoyed with the mosquito sound regardless whether you hear it or not. In no event shall we be liable for any damage which is caused from or in connection with the use of this app.
The hearing range by the age is only a guide and not verified academically. Some of your devices do not play high-frequency sounds.

8. Where can I find the category “Mosquito Sound”?

Tap the illustration of a mosquito on home screen, and you will find the category.